Target Markets

Below is an overview of our various opportunities and resources of which our area producers take advantage.

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Aerospace & Defence

6 and a half lines of text will go here. … Read More


Alternative Energy - Biofuels

Biofuel Production (an Alternative Energy Source) in Western Kentucky Need for renewable energy is growing Biofuels plants are often located in rural areas – near biomass There are currently 7 biofuels plants in operation … Read More


Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing, Agriculture Industries text ...Read More


Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing, Agriculture Industries text ...Read More


Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing, Agriculture Industries text ...Read More



Ship Fast. Ship Reliably. Located less than one hour from Nashville, Tennessee, Wal-Mart Distribution Center is located in our neighboring community, Hopkinsville, KY—only a 20-minute drive. Centrally located within 70% of US Markets and between home of UPS and FedEx… Read More


Value-Added Agricultural Products

There’s a reason why the Western KY Region is the authority for the Nation’s Agriculture Industry (several reasons). Our area is rich in agriculture and leads Kentucky in production of crops such as corn, dark fired tobacco, winter wheat and soybeans...Read More


Customer Contact Centers

You can get started as soon as possible. Demand for customer service representatives is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations. A number of customer service & support center projects announced in KY and Nashville, TN. Western Kentucky is an affordable place to do business… Read More

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