Testimonials – Local Industry

Transcraft Corporation

Transcraft Corporation

Business growth is a fundamental ingredient to developing a bright future for our community.  We at Transcraft Corporation are extremely proud to be part of the success story here in Cadiz and the Trigg County area.  We would not be where we are without the vital support of the entire Cadiz – Trigg County Economic Development team.  The EDC has been our partner since the early days of our decision to consolidate here, has done nothing but go out of their way to make sure our business thrives and their cooperative approach, responsiveness and willingness to invest have been key ingredients to our growing success.  Thanks, EDC team,  your efforts make our city and this county a great place for business.

Brian Diemel, General Manager

Southeast Tube Company


Southeast Tube Company was established in 1984 and has undergone numerous changes in the past twenty years.  The initial plans were to support local automotive suppliers.  However, with higher profit margins in the furniture and material handling industries, Southwest Tube’s marketing strategies have changed.  With companies located in Ohio, Alabama, and Tennessee, Cadiz became the ideal geographical location for our tubing division.  Cadiz has excellent industrial support facilities.  The utility cost, taxes, shipping logistics and cost of living further enhance Cadiz’s ability and desire to support future industrial growth.  We look forward to a long and prosperous future in Cadiz, Kentucky.

Steve Parrent, General Manager

Kentucky Machine and Engineering


Kentucky Machine and Engineering has been a part of Cadiz-Trigg County for the past 33 years.  We have grown from 5 employees to over 70, during that time.  The strong work ethic of this community along with the cost of living has allowed Kentucky Machine to maintain steady growth.  Cadiz-Trigg County has succeeded in maintaining a strong industrial environment and has been a great partner for Kentucky Machine.”

Steve Allen, CEO & Greg Allen, President

Ethridge Plastics, Inc.

has been in Trigg County since 1991.  It was no question when we decided to build here in Trigg County that it was a great place to raise your family and could work without having to drive out of town for a good job.  The people and their work ethics in our community make Trigg County proud.  Our location is 0.7 miles from the interstate I-24 and with this accessibility it makes it easy when shipping parts by trucking lines.  We truly live and work in a great community!

J.T. & Edward Ethridge, Managers

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