the Trigg Industrial Manager Association (TIMA)

About TIMA

The Trigg Industrial Manager Association is an association of the Trigg County Industrial Managers, local officials, representatives of our school s ystem, and managers of our local utilities. This group meets every other month for a 1-hour breakfast or lunch meeting to discuss issues that we as industrial managers face on a regular basis. Issues discussed include labor and training programs, education programs, and financial assistance. Of equal importance to the topics discussed is the networking by local industry with other leaders in the community.


Trigg Industrial Managers Association (TIMA) Officers

George Radford – President

Derby Fabricating Solution – 270.522.1070

email:  [email protected]

Ernie Baker – Vice President

Derby Fabricating Solution – 270.522.1070

email: [email protected]

Sharon Butts – Secretary

Cadiz Economic Development – 270.522.1170

[email protected]

Edward Ethridge – Board Member

Ethridge Plastics – 270.522.0009

[email protected]

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