Distribution - rail, river, water, road, interstate
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Ship Fast. Ship Reliably.

  • Located less than 1 hour from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center is located in our neighboring community, Hopkinsville, KY—only a 20-minute drive. This indicates that we have the resources to support this industry
  • Centrally located within 70% of US Markets
  • The geographic location our community presents between Louisville—home of UPS and Memphis—home to Federal Express makes us an even stronger candidate for a distribution center
  • Our accessible transportation network with the presence of
    I-24, Riverport – 17 miles away and Nashville International Airport within 1 hours drive are other strong points that demonstrate our community for a candidate for distribution

Transportation Infrastructure – KY Ranked 14th for Infrastructure & Transportation by CNBC

  • Eddyville Riverport
  • Clarksville River Terminal
  • R.J. Corman Railroad serves the Guthrie Rail Park

Proximity to Market

  • More than 900 companies in the distribution sector within a 60-minute drive time
  • 800+ Employeed by Walmart Distribution Center in the region
  • One hour from Nashville
  • Within 250 miles of Memphis, TN, St. Louis, Louisville KY

Available Workforce

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